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Fernley Area Sub Bus Driver 06.01.2018 (235028523)

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TitleFernley Area Sub Bus Driver 06.01.2018
Posting ID235028523


Substitute Bus Driver

Job Group: Transportation

Classification: Classified

Terms of Employment: Initial training at the hourly minimum wage rate.

When certified driver, Pay Grade 4, step 1 minus 5% on the Classified Staff Salary Schedule




Bus Driver

Job Group: Transportation

Classification: Classified

Terms of Employment: Pay Grade 4 on the Classified Staff Salary Schedule




Operate school buses in accordance with Federal and State of Nevada traffic laws and regulations of the Nevada Department of Education and Lyon County School District. Under immediate supervision by the Area Coordinator.



The list of Essential Duties and Responsibilities is not exhaustive and may be supplemented.

1. Operate school buses in accordance with federal and State of Nevada traffic laws and regulations of the Nevada Department of Education and Lyon County School District.

2. Drive defensively following safe driving practices.

3. Be responsible for the safe operation, conditions, washing, and cleanliness of the bus (inside and out).

4. Make necessary inspections, pre-trip and post-trip, and report any needed maintenance as indicated by the inspection.

5. Establish and maintain rapport with passengers. Ability to deal effectively and supervise students, maintain pupil control and report violations to proper authority.

6. Keep accurate records and submit all reports at the specified time.

7. Attend driver meetings and training sessions as required unless absence is approved.

8. Transports students to special activities such as field trips and athletic events as assigned.

9. Substitutes will be contacted on an "as need" basis for driving assignments. Availability. When contacted by their Area Coordinator, a substitute shall be expected to be available to work a minimum of two work days per month. When contacted, if a substitute is not available or refuse the driving assignment, after five (5) refusals that driver will be terminated as a driver for Lyon County School District

10. Makes deliveries, provides special back up driving services for exceptional or Special Needs Students.

11. Performs other tasks related to the position as assigned.



Based on identified business purposes, night and weekends work schedules or on-call status may be required as well as filling in on route assignments. Be free from addiction to narcotic, habit forming drugs, alcohol or controlled substance. Demonstrate initiative, self-reliance and leadership. Demonstrate ability to get along with others. Demonstrates reliability, punctuality and honest. Demonstrate good moral conduct. Demonstrate personal habits of cleanliness. Refrain from the use of inappropriate subject matter, language and gestures.



1. Must have knowledge of rules, regulations and practices of transportation and workplace safety.

2. Driving techniques including knowledge of vehicle maneuverability, road and traffic signs, signals and markings.

3. Nevada traffic laws for motor vehicle regulations as outlined in Nevada Manual for Motorists, Nevada School Bus Driver Training Manual, U.S. CDL Driver’s Manual and Lyon County School District Transportation Policies and Handbook.

4. Ability to apply defensive driving principles and use good judgment in meeting unforeseen circumstances or bad weather conditions.

5. Ability to follow written and oral instructions.

6. Ability to deal effectively with and supervise students.

7. Ability to operate a two-way radio.

8. Ability to work flexible hours and shifts at various locations.

9. Have adequate hearing in both ears; meeting federally mandated requirements.

10. Have vision which meets mandated requirements without glasses or with corrective glasses or lenses.

11. Have depth perception which meets CDL requirements.

12. Be free from mental or physical problems that may interfere with safe driving.

13. Possess full and normal use of both hands and arms and both legs and feet.

14. Abstain from the use of medication which may impair ability to drive.

15. Have blood pressure which does not exceed federally mandated requirements.

16. Meet all other Federal Department of Transportation physical requirements.

17. Driving techniques including knowledge of vehicle maneuverability, road and traffic signs, signals and markings.


POSITION REQUIREMENTS: Education, Training, and Experience:

1. High school graduation or other equivalent, (i.e., GED, college, technical, or trade school, foreign equivalency, etc.).

2. Safe driving record. Must be maintained for the duration of the assignment.

3. Must be at least twenty-one years of age.

4. Must be able to read and speak the English language sufficiently to converse with the general public, to understand highway traffic signs, respond to official inquiries, and make entries on reports and records.


Licenses and Certificates:

1. A Nevada Class B or A Commercial Driver’s License with required endorsements that allow applicant/employee to operate a school bus License must be maintained for the duration of the assignment.

2. Copy of current driving history issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles at time of application and at time of

interview prior to final selection.

3. Certification by the Nevada Department of Education that the employee has completed and passed the State Bus Driver Examination (Test may be taken a maximum of three times).

4. A valid copy of Department of Transportation Physical Examination Certification, indicating that the employee is physically qualified to operate a school bus in accordance with FMCSR 391. Must maintain a valid certified physical for the duration of the assignment.

5. Current Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)/Automated External Defibrillator (AED) certificate from the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, or other similar organization. Certification must be maintained for the duration of the assignment. Certification training must be in-person and include a hands- on component. Online courses will not be accepted.

6. Blood borne Pathogen and Universal Precaution Training

7. Lyon County School District has adopted and enforces a zero tolerance for all safety sensitive functions. Bus drivers are subject to drug testing for the following: Pre-employment requirements, reasonable suspicion testing, post-accident testing, random drug and/or alcohol testing, and return to duty testing.



Travel to and from Lyon County School District facilities and schools (classrooms, restrooms, gymnasiums, locker rooms, offices, playgrounds, and athletic fields), computer labs, trade shops, maintenance yards, buses, motor vehicles, work sites, conference rooms, parking lots, garage areas, etc. Lyon County School District Revised 07/13 Bus Driver 3



Strength: Exert force to 50-150 lbs., occasionally; 25-50 lbs., frequently; and up to 25 lbs., constantly.

Gripping/Grasping: Must possess sufficient physical strength and power grasp to properly secure straps when securing special equipment and/or students. Must have sufficient grasp to maintain control of steering a commercial vehicle. (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations 391 - a person shall not drive a commercial motor vehicle with an impairment of a hand or finger which interferes with prehension or power grasping.)

Pushing/Pulling: up to 150-175 lbs., transitioning of student(s) in wheelchairs on/off the bus.

Physical Demands: Occasional balancing, lying on back/stomach, and crawling. Frequent standing, walking, climbing, pushing, pulling, bending, twisting, kneeling, stooping, crouching, reaching, handling, and repetitive fine motor activities. Requires sitting for long periods of time. Walking - up to 500 feet at any one occurrence without rest. Climb steps and curbing constantly. Neck Motion - Continuous neck motion and flexion is performed throughout the work shift. Vision: Frequent near and far acuity, depth perception, focal length change, color vision, and peripheral vision. Hearing/Vision - Constant looking and listening to identify hazards and/or emergency vehicles far enough in advance to react. Hearing and speech to communicate in person, over the telephone, or by two-way radio.

Environmental Conditions: Climate-controlled office setting and exposure to weather with temperatures ranging from mild/moderate to extreme cold/heat. Exposure to noise levels ranging from moderate to very loud for occasional to frequent time periods.

Hazards: Furniture, playground/office equipment, communicable diseases, chemicals and fumes (as related to specific assignment), and power/hand-operated equipment, and machinery (as related to specific assignment).



District-issued/personal vehicles, various motor vehicles, buses, computers, hand trucks, computers, multimedia equipment, flip charts, overhead projectors, LCD panels, electronic white boards, TV/VCR/DVD, video conferencing equipment, microphones, wireless connectivity, telephones, fax machines, laser pointers, etc.

Shift TypeAs needed
Salary Range$8.25 - $14.41 / Per Hour
LocationFernley Transportation

Applications Accepted

Start Date06/01/2018